Tuesday 20 August 2013

Why ChennaiExpress clicked and OnceUponATimeInMumbai D didn't?

Both the movies are hopelessly useless but while  the former clicked the latter didn't. Here is my take on the matter. There were basically 4 aspects of one's failure and others success:- 

Story: ChennaiExpress has the story-line of worst kind. Hero is jobless, purposeless, 40+, can't fight the villain etc. etc. But the good thing with CE, Rohit Shettly was aware of no story. So he put his money on comic timing, fast sreenplay, car actions and colorful canvas. Basically he did not break the pattern, audience got the meal which they were expecting and had tasted before.
OUATMD borrowed its story from Mumbai, so it fairs better. But for stories like underworld you need real incidents so that people can correlate it with past and true picture of purpose not something like running behind love. Broken story is as worse as No Story. Even excellent one liners/ dialogs from Milan Luthria did not help.

Star Cast: Every single viewer is blaiming Imran Khan for OUATMD failure. Rightly so but the fault is not Imran's but the casting crew. Since when we get pink lipped goon? Not a big fan for Sonakshi Sinha either, she was lucky with Dabang her physique suited the character Rajjo, every where else she is a misfit. A lot was on shoulder of Akhsay Kumar and he did deliver in style.
CE has SRK, the biggie himself and Deepika, a better choice any day. 

Music: S P Balasubrahmanyam was a pleasant surprise in CE. The title song justifies the fast screenplay. Then the presence of foot number - 1 2 3 4 Get on the Dance Floor, melody - Titli, Yo Yo - Thalaiva were good addition to the package.
 OUATMD, only song you would remember when out of theatre will be Aiyo Balli ... Pyar ka Dushman. Which is not an original anyway. 

Marketing:  SRK is epitome of marketing products, he has taught bollywood how to do the same. Though he fell on face because of over marketing Ra.One, still looks like it worked this time. Ekta Kapoor should have come with some stepped up marketing for
OUATMD. She believed too much in Akshay's fan following.

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