Thursday 15 August 2013

Why Modi scores over Mr. Singh?

As India celebrates it's 67th Independence Day, not sure if India has been really a democracy in the true terms. 1947 onwards, the opposition has had just one full term at the center. The first six decades of its democracy, the center has only seen a government led by a single party. More often than not, power corrupts over a period of time.

Till 80s, India was more successful than China. It was more successful than South Korea, more successful than most places in Asia. It is unfortunate that we have failed to take advantage of some of our most valuable assets. India has some of the smartest people in the world, but it does not have an education system to support it. Infrastructure is equally poor. There are millions of entrepreneurial, driven and smart Indians amongst us, but most of them want to be abroad because they know that unless they are involved with the right people in India, they are not going to be successful. Fewer than 50% of Indians stay in school till they graduate. There are very good Indian universities, but very few for the number of Indians who need good education.

There are not many successful Indian companies either, except those that are associated with the government. Look around in world and you won’t see many Indian products, except for some restaurants. There are very few Indian brands that are recognized outside India. Apart from a couple of software companies, none of the Indian firms have made it big in the international scene. Also, not to forget that the regulations that India puts in place result in foreigners going through nested loops before they can invest in India.

India should have been among the world’s greatest agriculture nations — given the soil, the human resource, the weather, but it is astonishing that we have not become one. It is because Indian politicians, in their wisdom, have made it illegal for farmers to own more than five hectares of land. Can a farmer with just five hectares compete with farmers in Australia or Canada?

As wisely said by Rogers Holdings chairman Jim Rogers , If the billion plus people in India demand more and say the current system that is going on since 1947 is absurd, then it might make India a whole lot better. Compared to many of the countries globally, India was on top in 1947, but relatively India has only declined since then. Remember that you move from dictatorship to oligarchy to democracy to chaos—may be they will throw out these absurd oligarchs who rule India and then it may have a vibrant democracy and regain its proper place, its historic place in the globe. 

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