Friday 25 July 2014

A letter to my son on his 3rd BirthDay.

Dear Aadi,

You turned 3 today, and I still believe that most joyful moment of my life had happened just yesterday. When I was waiting outside of operation theater in hospital and a gentlemen popped after good 40 minutes of wait and said ‘Anushree Anand: I ran….almost fell …. Male Child, Born at 3:42 PM and Body Weight: 3.95 kg’

Your eyes were so wide open and you were looking all around. I couldn’t believe that you were just born, I so wanted to touch you, kiss you but was not granted. ‘Baby needs to be at nursery’ for 24 hours, came the rude voice. I said okay anything for my dear son. I can’t tell you how I felt when I took you in my arms. It seemed pretty technical to say the least, I mean hold in such way that your head is steady still not pressing you hard. All others were scared, and I was like champ without any practice. Of course where else would you be safest if not with me.

Life has changed since. Not very long ago I used to worry about my looks/career/comfort etc. Now whichever store I go, toys fascinates me, baby clothing, shoes are my latest interest. I am kid again and thank God for that and thank you for that.

I know you can’t read it now but one day you shall be. I am writing this letter so that you get a chance to read about your past days because it would feel so different and exciting. I never had this experience so I don’t know how it’d feel, well … will ask you when you are at it. There are few thoughts I would like to share with you on your birthday. These are nothing but some of my wishes which I could not pursue. Now that I have got another life in you I would like to re-do some of that.

Love a sport and pursue it.
As a kid I practiced cricket every day after school. I wasn’t best at it but not bad either. Besides keeping you fit and healthy at mind & body, sport is a wonderful distraction in life. It’s something which gives you every chance to not to think about things which are not in best shape at present. Sport also makes us disciplined in a sense that if you want to get better and then you need to practice certain rules/step on a regular basis. This will make you fighter and force you not to give up easily.

Be a part of musical world.
I am a good listener. I mean that’s the best I could do with music. I suggest you should pick up singing, I know singing is natural talent so one may or one may not but then at least learn to play an instrument. Mankind has always loved the entertainment breed. People who have the ability to sing or play are the core part of the same. They not only de-stress themselves but teach others that world is so beautiful and why not appreciate nature for what it has laid for us. Believe me mother nature did not make us to earn livelihood and break the bread. It had much better plans but we over thought her ideas.

Education is just part of life.
Yes, don’t take it too seriously. I say so because I took it seriously and tried to be best in every subject which was thrown on me . Today I DO NOT earn even a single penny out of those topics for which I burnt midnight oil all my teenage. I wish you better career and prospect than me but I seriously feel that science, mathematics, social science etc would not guarantee that. To be successful I think one just needs to know what he/she is best at and keep refining that. I know people spend 20 years to find one best area for them before they finally succeed. I wish you the same realistically but I want you to remember that ‘studies’ is not necessarily that area so keep your options open. Having said that you must go to school to become educated enough to decide on it.

Your Papa.
Mitendra Anand
25th July, 2014
Chicago, USA

P.S. : Forgive me for not being with you physically, as I said once “Iss do takiye ki naukri me mera lakhon ka bachpan jaye”.

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