Friday 24 July 2015

A letter to my son on his 4th BirthDay.

Dear Aadi,

You turned 4 today. A very very happy birthday :-)

Past one year has been exciting. You are growing from a cute baby to a naughty toddler and I am loving every bit of it. I also got straight 10 months of continuous stay with you without having to move out of station for work. I know you would not remember these early days as you grow. Luck will have it and you may get to relive your childhood when your kid makes his way into the world. Every little mischief you make tells me how was I some 30 years ago. Though I sometimes do feel that I am too calm for all the tantrums you throw and you have significant share of genes from your mom. Yet you two are the best things that has ever occurred to me.

Your fourth year was eventful. Life has a unique communication methodology for its participants. It talks to us via canvases it paints and every move we make in reaction. Some works out and feels good. Some teaches the smarts required to enjoy it the next time. Allow me to redraw the theme of some of the those as I understood it. Perhaps it will prove out to you that life is actually a fun game. We need to play it smartly to win not in the end but during the game.

Your School
Till date you hate the mornings when we dress you up. You hardly smile from the point we wake you till you enter the classroom and sometimes you cry also. Per your class teacher, you are different person in the classroom. You play like there is no tomorrow, scream, run, beat, get beaten. I figured out that its the transition - leaving home and on the way to school, you hate not the school itself. We all have that anxiety. Leaving a comfort zone in anticipation of another comfort zone is a risk and we need to learn to take that calculated risk. These early transitions will make you believe in change and hope that eventually things end well. 

Stage Fear
I still remember the 4 lines I made you by heart on Mars Orbiter and the satellite model that we made for you to wear for school event.  Despite of having practiced for several days at home and in class; you went blank on -the- day. My numerous attempt of cheering from audience and forbearing master of ceremony couldn't get you going. Never mind; it happens.  That day I learnt an important lesson. You never signed up for doing everything right. Kids may fail parent's desire and I better be prepared to work harder the next time. I promise that I won't stop till the day you take the walk up to stage and say ... 'Hello Everyone, I am Adhrit....................'

Leg Fracture
You fractured your left leg in Chicago. I still hear that noise 'kdaak'. Your howl, tears, hospital, plaster all were so painful. We both cried that night. Things do go wrong at times. We must remember that whatever it is we will be past it. And till we are going through it, lets face with hope. Your grand father had told me once ... 'musibat se daro jab wo aane wali ho par jab wo aa hi jaye to himmat rakho aur samna karo. Rolo lekin date raho'. See we are past it. You faced it bravely son. Imagine, you a three year old kid consoling his father ... ' papa, theek ho jayega'

Younger Brother
You are a big bro now. As 'chota' stepped in few months ago. I am sorry that your 'one baby one mom/dad equation was proved wrong' and that I couldn't answer when you asked that where are his mummy/papa and why doesn't he go to his home. I like that you have an audience for the stunts you do and you would repeat those because it makes the baby laugh. Your unique way of caring for him but still not letting him play with your toys. I go to work, mom is busy too at work or making home but you have one special person who has all the time in world for you. You are lucky.

Your Papa.
Mitendra Anand
25th July, 2015

Chicago, USA

Milton Lee Olive Park, Chicago - June 13th 2015

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